Old Tradition Tattoo

Old Tradition Tattoo



With over 5 years experience Chris has earned his place & developed his own style.  A natural creative force he is not limited to just one type of Art, before tattoing Chris was already an established Singer of the punk rock psycho band The Triggers and The ska core band in spanish Chencha Berrinches.


The introduction into the life of tattoos started early for chris suicide , as his older brother Rockabilly Ray. Chris started his music carer really young,and he always wanted  to do something with music and tattoos!


After being on tour and travel the world, in 2008 started in apprenticeship at Tinta Rebelde Hollywood , did his first tattoo and his life completely changed. Now he can't go a day without tattooing or painting. He still makes time for his music but tattooing has definitely  taken a front seat.


After being a partner with his brother over at Tinta Rebelde Hollywood for more than 4 yrs.  In 2015 he decided to open his own tattoo studio "OLD TRADITION TATTOO" In Hollywood blvd providing quality custom tattoos.